Royal Rumble 2018 – Sheamus & Cesaro v Jason Jordan & Seth Rollins – RAW Tag-Team Championship Match – Analysis

Seth Rollins comes out first.

Followed by Jordan.

They are followed by the Bar.

Rollins and Cesaro begin.

Grapple game early on, Cesaro briefly on top.

Rollins now on top of Sheamus.

Sheamus switches the momentum.

Cesaro prevents Rollins from making a tag by pulling Jordan off the apron.

Rollins jumps through the middle rope at Cesaro and Sheamus.

Jordan being looked at  by medical staff after he was thrown into the steel ringpost.

Jordan is still out of it, as Sheamus and Cesaro continue to beatdown Rollins.

Backbreaker by the Bar, Rollins powers out at two.

Rollins trying to fightback, but to little avail.

Sheamus goes to clothesline Rollins off the top rope, whose on Cesaro’s shoulders, but Rollins hurricanrana’s Cesaro, and Sheamus hits nobody.

Rollins now on top against Cesaro.

Falcon arrow by Rollins, Cesaro escapes at two.

Rollins pins Cesaro, but Sheamus breaks it up at two.

Frog splash to both members of the bar by Rollins.

Jordan finally gets tagged in, but he’s that badly injured he instantly tags himself back out.

Knee to the head by Rollins.

Brogue kick by Sheamus.

Double team move on Rollins, and Cesaro gets the three count on Rollins to win.


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