Royal Rumble 2018 – Smackdown Tag Team Titles – Shelton Benjamin And Chad Gable vs The Usos

Shelton and Gable out first.

Usos out next with mic in hand.

Big promo for The Usos, again another good one from them, and again showing they are some of the best heels in the company

Lock up in the middle of the ring and Jimmy Uso is legal, Chad gets out of the way of the double superkick

Jimmy and Chad in the ring now Chad dominating in the wrestling as expected. Big hits from Jimmy to chad

Jimmy on top, goes for the cover kick out at 2

Chad with a big chop block to Jimmy, wrapping it around the post. Tag to Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin with Jimmy on the floor

Pulling on that leg

Tag to Gable

Again pressure builds on the leg, really pulling on it, cover from Gable and a kick out from Jimmy, back on the knee straight away

Tag to Benjamin and again straight back to the leg.

Lots of attention on Jimmy Usos left leg here with all of the offence being targeted there.

Hit from Jimmy as he tries to get back to Jey but Chad is tagged in and Jimmy is isolated

Jimmy trying to get some separation, straight back to the leg. Benjamin back in, double team to Jimmy and a shot to Jey. Jimmy down in the ring, Benjamin goading the crowd

Hit to the knee and some hit backs from Jimmy, hits him with the insiguri, Jay back on the apron, tag made, Jay in and going hard at Benjamin, knocks Gable off the apron.

Tag to Gable, Jay knocks him out of the ring, and flies onto him on the outside, pulls him back in, goes high risk for the splash and a 2 count off the pin.

Gable in trouble, Jay dominating

Gable wraps him up with a suplex into a bridge cover and a kick out. Both men down in the middle, no falls yet.

Tag to Benjamin, looking for the tandem powerbomb, cant hit it, powerbombs Jay into Jimmy and hits his finisher, kick out at 2, lots of near falls here

Jay down on the outside, Gable tagged in, moon sault to the outside onto both Jimmy and Jay Uso, laying them out on the outside.

Gable gets Jimmy back in but he’s not legal, Jay gets back in, superkick, splash off the top rope, and another kick out from Chad.

Jimmy tagged in, Shelton stops the double slash.

Two superkicks and a double superkick to Chad gable and the first fall for The Usos.

Benjamin and Gable with a two on one beatdown to Jimmy and then now to Jay.

Jimmy laid out on the outside from the double finisher by Gable and Shelton. Going for the finisher on Jay.

Jay with the rollup and the three count out of nowhere and the second fall, no third and a clean sweep from The Usos

They retin.


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