Royal Rumble 2018 – WWE Championship Match – AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn in the ring first, good entrance.

Kevin Owens in next and doesn’t seem to be limping so the damage from Tuesday may be all cleared up.

AJ In next with his usual huge response from the fans.

More fan reception from the WWE Universe.

KO and AJ start the match

Tag to Sami right away

Mind games being played

Tag to KO.

Mind games well and truly in full force here

AJ with some big hits to KO who pulls away from him and gets the tag to Sami

Lock up in the middle of the ring, quick cover by AJ quick kick out

Tag to KO

Lock up again in the middle, KO on top

AJ takes the back but is put down by KO who puts KO on his back and runs around the ring away from AJ to get the tag to Sami

Lock up again in the middle of the ring, Sami on top

Big dropkick from AJ, Sami gets to the corner from a roll and gets the tag to KO

KO going in with some big hits to AJ in the corner. KO On top, into Sami and KO’s corner, quick tags from the pair now.

Sami Zayn wearing down AJ.

AJ picking up the pace but runs into a back body drop from Sami and again Sami is on top and pulls AJ into the corner, quick tag to KO

Ownes with AJ on the mat putting on the beatdown, rolling to the outside of the ring but KO runs him into the barricade, back into the ring now for the pin, out at one for AJ

Tag to Sami

Sami gets on AJ quickly and is applying yet more pressure

AJ Coming back but being pulled into the corner, tag to KO and big hits to AJ, AJ comes back, knocks Sami off the rope and attempts to get KO off his feet, KO capitalises with a face slam but AJ kicks out at 2

Sami back on the rope now, KO still wearing down AJ with a neck lock

AJ on the matt with KO towering over, he went for the cannonball but missed it and aggravated the ankle, and Sami is back in.

Big huricanrana from the top rope to Sami tag back in for KO, Pele kick to KO. KO tags in Sami, Sami with a big kick but AJ gets the Moonsault reverse DDT.

Tag to KO, both of them getting hits onto AJ, AJ hits a hurricanerana onto KO from a flip off Sami, Sami out of the ring and a calf-crusher from AJ, Sami breaks it up.

KO runs for AJ in the corner and hits the ring post, tag to Sami.

Superkick to AJ on the ropes, into the blue thunder bomb, AJ kicks out with less than a split second to go.

Sami has AJ in the corner on the top rope going for a superplex, AJ slips out and pulls Sami’s leg out who’s head hits the buckle, Styles knocks KO off the apron, hits Sami with a Phenomenal forearm and the cover is broken by KO.

Trading blows in the centre of the ring now are AJ and Sami

AJ pushes Sami out the ring, KO hits AJ with a superkick, goes for the pop-up powerbomb, styles reverse for the pin on KO when he wasn’t the legal man.

Strange ending but a good match.



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