Smackdown Live Analysis – 30.01.18 – Friction between Owens and Zayn, US Title Match made & Carmella cashes in?!?!

Shinsuke Nakamura opens the show.

Crowd canting Nakamura’s name.

Kevin Owens interrupts him.

Sami Zayn joins him.

Zayn and Owens aren’t happy that they didn’t win the WWE Title on Sunday.

Zayn and Owens say Nakamura will face them for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania.

Nakamura calls them losers.

AJ Styles comes out as Owens and Zayn looked unhappy with Nakamura.

Styles and Nakamura want to face Owens and Zayn but they say no.

Kofi Kingston v Jinder Mahal v Zack Ryder v Rusev for the US Title number one contender is up next.

As we return New Day are making their way to the ring.

All other competitors are already in the ring.

Before the match, Daniel Bryan tells Owens and Zayn they will face Styles and Nakamura tonight.

Bryan says Owens and Zayn will get the chance to face Styles at Fastlane, by facing each other next week.

Bobby Roode is on commentary.

Two superstars fight outside the ring, the other two inside.

Mahal and Rusev beating down Kingston and Ryder in opposite corners.

Neckbreaker by Ryder, Mahal breaks up the pin.

Ryder clotheslines Mahal over the top rope.

Kingston jumps over the top rope, and lands on Ryder and Mahal.

Xavier Woods, Big E, Aiden English and Sunil Singh are thrown out of ringside.

Carnage at ringside between all four competitors.

Kick to Mahal’s chest by Rusev.

Spear in the corner by Rusev.

Ryder beats Rusev down in the corner.

Broski Boot by Ryder on Rusev.

Mahal rolls up Rusev, kick out at two.

Kick to the head by Rusev and Ryder.

Accolade by Rusev on Kingston, who taps out.

Uso’s do a pre-recorded promo.

We are now backstage with Breezango.

They are answering questions from the WWE Universe.

The Ascension join them.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin interrupt them.

Gable and Benjamin rip up the set.

Usos now head to the ring.

Bludgeon Brothers head to the ring.

Rowan and Harper are in action next.

They will face two jobbers.

Match done in pretty much a minute.

Tye Dillinger is backstage talking to Shane McMahon.

Baron Corbin interrupts.

Dillinger to face Corbin tonight.

Charlotte is next out.

She is interviewed with Renee Young.

The Riott squad come out.

Riott is the only one talking.

The Riott Squad surround Charlotte.

Charlotte eliminates all three from the ring.

Now all three beatdown Charlotte.

Charlotte gets beaten up as the Riott squad leave the ring.

Carmella is here.

Carmella accidentally dropkicks the official instead of Charlotte.

Carmella is shouting at the ref to hurry up.

Carmella now decides not to cash in.

Nakamura is teasing Styles backstage.

Dillinger out next.

Young is now interviewing Carmella.

Corbin now heads to the ring.

Dillinger attacks Corbin outside the ring.

Corbin now beatsdown Dillinger in the middle of the ring.

Corbin throws Dillinger out of the ring.

Corbin attempting to get Dillinger to submit.

Corbin goes shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Scissor kick by Dillinger.

Chokeslam backbreaker by Corbin.

End of days by Corbin, and he gets the win.

Owens and Zayn are talking about next week.

Benjamin and Gable now taking on Breezango.

Ascension looking on backstage.

Fandango faceplants Gable.

Gable throws Breeze into the steel steps.

Dropkick by Breeze.

Gable and Benjamin team on Breeze and get the win.

Styles, Nakamura, Owens and Zayn already did their intro and began the match by the time we get back from ads….

Grapple game.

Owens beats down Nakamura.

Knees to Owens’ head by Nakamura.

Owens and Zayn having an argument.

Zayn walks out on Owens.

Clothesline by Styles.

Styles drops Owens face first.

Zayn has returned.

Zayn and Owens beatdown Styles.

Zayn and Owens arguing again.

Zayn walks off again.

Elbow drop by Owens, Styles kicks out at two.

Pelee kick by Styles.

Kicks to the chest by Nakamura.

Nakamura knees Owens whilst he is on the top rope.

Nakamura hits his finisher and gets the win.




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