WWE NXT Analysis – 31.01.18 – Nikki Cross wins, TM-61 return & Strong v Bate!

We start the show with a recap of NXT Takeover.

Nikki Cross opens the show.

Lacey Evans is her opponent.

Cross traps Evans in the side of the ring, and begins her beatdown on Evans.

Evans throws Cross off the top rope.

Evans beats down Cross in the middle of the ring.

Evans attacks Cross in the corner.

Evans goes for the moonsault, but Cross rolls out of the way.

Swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker by Cross, and it gets her the win.

We are getting a re-cap of Shayna Baszler v Ember Moon at Takeover.

Now we are seeing highlights of Aleister Black v Adam Cole.

NXT tag-team title match next week between Sanity and the Undisputed Era.

TM-61 return after the break.

They Ealy Brothers are their opponents.

Moonsault by Thorne.

Thorne moonsaults over the top rope towards both brothers.

Back to back clotheslines in the corner by the Ealy brothers on Miller.

Clotheslines by Miller.

Thorne dropkicks both brothers in the corner.

Moonsault off the top rope by Miller.

Tag-team move by TM-61, and they get the win on their return.

We are now seeing highlights of Gargano v Almas.

We are now seeing how EC3 returned to NXT.

Now Cole entering the rumble, Almas too.

Roderick Strong now makes his way to the ring.

Tyler Bate now heads to the ring.

Grapple game early on.

Dropkick by Bate.

Bate has Strong on his shoulders and spins him around.

Backbreaker by Strong.

Kick to the head by Strong.

Strong throws Bate into the turnbuckle.

Submission hold by Strong on Bate.

Sucker punch by Bate.

Boot to the face by Bate.

Knee to the back of the neck by Bate.

Suplex by Bate, Strong escapes at two.

Standing shooting star press by Bate, Strong escapes at two.

Backbreaker by Strong, Bate escapes at two.

Clothesline by Bate, Strong escapes at two,

Knee to the head by Strong.

Strong hits his finisher, and he will face Pete Dunne for the UK Championship.



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