205 Live Analysis – 06.02.18 – Kalisto battles Lince Dorado, Two more matches made for next week & Roderick Strong take on Hideo Itami!

We see highlights of last week when Daniel Bryan introduced Drake Maverick as the new General Manager of 205 Live.

Nigel McGuiness and Vic Joseph open the show.

Kalisto is the first competitor.

This is part of the tournament for the Crusierweight Championship.

Lince Dorado is the second competitor.

Handshake before the match between the two.

Grapple game early on.

Hip toss by both competitors.

Athletic start to the match.

Dropkick by Dorado.

Kalisto jumps out the middle rope towards Dorado.

Cannonball out of the middle rope by Dorado.

Dorado has Kalisto in a grapple hold.

Dorado faceplants Kalisto.

Hurricanrana off the top rope by Kalisto.

Punch for punch in the middle of the ring.

Kick to the head of Dorado on the top rope.

Kalisto flips Dorado off the top rope, kick out at two.

Inverted RKO by Dorado.

Somersault off the top rope by Dorado.

Kalisto hits his finisher, Dorado puts his hand on the ropes despite a three count.

Kalisto hits his finisher again, he gets the three count this time and gets the win.

The two competitors shake hands after the match.

TJ Perkins now delivering a backstage promo.

Mark Andrews to face Akira Tozawa next week in the Crusierweight Title tournament.

Maverick is now backstage with Drew Gulak and Tony Nese saying they are wasting their careers.

Gulak will face Nese next week in the Crusierwight Title tournament.

Hideo Itami comes out first.

Roderick Strong follows Itami to the ring.

Grapple game early on.

Strong attempts to get Itami to submit.

Both men attempt submissions, before grappling again.

Itami shoulder blocks Strong to the feel.

Chop to the chest on Itami.

Itami jumps off the top rope onto Strong’s neck.

Kick to the back by Itami.

Itami beatdown to Strong in the corner.

Gutbuster by Strong off the top rope, kickout at two.

Strong attempting a submission on Itami in the middle of the ring.

Backbreaker by Strong.

Itami getting angrier and angrier as Strong punches him.

Dropkick by Strong.

Strong attempting another submission.

DDT by Itami.

High boot to the face in the corner by Itami.

Clothesline off the top rope by Itami, Strong escapes at two.

Angle slam by Strong, Itami escapes at two.

High boot by Itami knocks Strong off the apron.

Back and forth outside the ring now.

Strong throws Itami into the side of the ring.

Falcon arrow by Itami, Strong escapes at two.

Itami locks in an armbar.

Strong reaches the ropes.

Running dropkick by Itami, Strong escapes at two.

Gutbuster by Strong.

Cloud nine by Strong, but Itami escapes at two.

Suplex off the top rope by Itami, Strong escapes once again at two.

Punch for punch in the middle of the ring.

Dropkick in the corner by Itami.

Knee to the head by Strong.

Strong hits his finisher and gets the win over Itami!



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