Smackdown Live Analysis – 06.02.18 – Zayn v Owens, McMahon calls out Bryan & a US Championship Match!

Just a disclaimer before the show starts, I did not watch live so therefore I am once again basing this off youtube highlights.

We start off with McMahon and Bryan in the ring.

McMahon is not happy with Bryan’s bias towards Owens and Zayn.

AJ Styles comes out.

Styles wants both Bryan and McMahon to not get involved tonight.

Liv Morgan v Charlotte up next.

Spear by Charlotte.

Riott squad distract Charlotte.

Referee throws Logan and Riott out of ringside.

Liv Morgan taps out to the figure eight leg-lock.

The Bludgeon Brothers now take on local competitors.

Harper dropkicks his opponent.

Rowan throws himself at the other opponent.

Double clothesline by Rowan in the corner.

Rowan and Harper do their finisher to get the win.

Usos music hits as Harper and Rowan leave the ring.

The Usos are now in the ring.

They deliver a promo.

Daniel Bryan announces the top ten list.

Number ten is Tye Dillinger.

Nine is Randy Orton.

Number eight is Becky Lynch.

Seven is The Usos.

Six is the New Day.

Fifth is Bobby Roode.

Fourth is Naomi.

Third is Shinsuke Nakamura.

Second is Charlotte.

First is AJ Styles.

Rusev now facing Roode.

Neckbreaker by Roode.

Aiden English distracts Roode.

Kick to the head by Rusev.

Accolade attemot by Rusev, but he can’t lock it in.

Glorious DDT gets Roode the win.

Randy Orton RKO’s Roode ‘FROM OUTTA NOWHERE’

And then delivers one too English too.

Rusev gets one too.

The Ascension now face Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin.

Shoulder tackle by Konnor to Benjamin.

Knee to the head by Benjamin.

Double knee takeout on Konnor.

Flapjack by Konnor on Gable.

Uppercut in the corner by Viktor.

Suplex by Gable.

Double team move by Gable and Benjamin gets them the win.

Sami Zayn now facing Kevin Owens.

Neckbreaker by Owens, Zayn escapes at two.

Tornado DDT by Zayn off the top rope.

Owens goes for a Senton off the top rope, but Zayn puts his knees up.

DDT through the middle rope by Zayn.

Styles attacks both Zayn and Owens.

Referee ends the match.

Bryan comes out and says at Fastlae it will be a triple threat match between Styles, Zayn and Owens.


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