WWE NXT Analysis – 07.02.18 – Johnny Gargano gets another NXT Championship Match, at a cost, Sanity v The Undisputed Era & Bianca Belair!

The Undisputed Era open the show.

Adam Cole joins them.

Sanity attack the Undisputed Era from behind.

Security break up the brawl.

Crowd chant: “Let them fight!”

Undisputed Era retreat.

William Regal comes out.

He announces tonight it is all of Sanity against all of the Undisputed Era in a tornado tag-team match.

Heavy Machinery out next.

They face Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss.

Moss beatsdown Knight in his corner.

Dropkick by Sabbatelli.

Moss isn’t happy as Sabbatelli slaps him into the match.

Moss returns the favour.

Dozovic beatsdown both Sabbatelli and Moss.

Elbow drop by Dozovic, Moss breaks the pin up at two.

Sabbatelli goes for the pin but the referee sees him leveraging on the ropes.

Heavy Machinery get the win after a double team move.

Moss walks away from Sabbatelli after the match.

Johnny Gargano up next.

Crowd is very much in favour of him.

They chant his name.

Gargano is happy with the reaction from the crowd.

He says he earned their respect.

Andrade Cien Almas interrupts Gargano.

Zelina Vega joins him.

Vega calls Gargano a loser.

Crowd wants Candice LeRae.

LeRae comes out to the ring.

LeRae pushes Vega over.

Gargano pushes Almas over.

Gargano will leave NXT if he cannot beat Almas for the NXT Championship.

Bianca Belair is competing next.

She faces a local competitor.

The two shake hands before the match.

Belair doesn’t let go of her hand.

Belair throws the competitor off her shoulders.

Powerbomb by Belair gets her the win within 30 seconds.

Sanity enters first for the main event.

Followed by the Undisputed Era.

Sanity attack the Undisputed Era again before the bell.

Cole and Young now in the ring as the others brawl outside.

Wolfe drops Fish onto a table.

Sanity bring out the weapons.

Wolfe attacks O’Reilly with a steel chair.

Cole throws Young into the steel steps.

Double knees off the apron by O’Reilly to Wolfe.

Dain and Fish now in the ring whilst the others brawl backstage.

Fish gets a kendo stick.

Dain grabs it out of his hand.

A punch by Dain knocks Fish over.

Dain throws Fish off the top of the stage and into all of the competitors.

Dain now beating Cole down in the ring.

Kick to the head by Cole on Dain.

Wolfe then powerbombs Cole, O’Reilly breaks up the pin.

Fish and O’Reilly now team up on Wolfe.

Dain pins Fish, but Cole superkicks him.

Elbow off the top rope by Young.

Superkick by Young on Cole.

Suplex by Wolfe on O’Reilly.

Samoan drop by Fish on Wolfe.

Clothesline by Dain on Fish.

Dain sentons through the table after Cole moved out of the way.

O’Reilly accidentally kicks Fish.

Double uppercut by Wolfe.

Superkick by Cole.

Double team move by Fish and O’Reilly.

Young breaks it up with a kendo stick.

Superkick by Cole stops Young.

Triple clothesline by Dain.

Dropkick senton combo by Dain.

Dain hits his finisher on Fish and gets the win.



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