WWE Mixed Match Challenge – Round One – Naomi & Jimmy Uso v Mandy Rose & Goldust – Daniel Bryan Special Guest Referee – Analysis & Thoughts

Match Analysis

Jimmy Uso is the first competitor out.

Followed by Naomi.

Mandy Rose enters once the two are in the ring.

Followed by Goldust.

Daniel Bryan is the special guest referee.

Uso says he doesn’t like Goldust.

Both Uso and Goldust dancing around the ring.

Goldust needs to catch his breath.

Goldust scares Uso.

Goldust kisses Rose’s hand.

Now he gives her a hug.

Uso gives Naomi a hug.

Uso now kisses Naomi.

Everyone chants yes as Goldust goes to kiss Rose.

Uso rolls Goldust up as he goes for the kiss.

Goldust isn’t happy with Uso.

Uso tags in Naomi.

Naomi dropkicks Rose.

Naomi slaps Rose.

Rose faceslams Naomi, kick out at two.

Rose beats Naomi down in the corner.

Rose slaps Uso.

Naomi clotheslines Rose.

Samoan drop by Uso on Goldust.

Rose breaks up a pin by Uso.

Double enzaguri by Uso and Naomi.

Goldust hits his finisher, but Naomi breaks up the pin.

Naomi jumps over Goldust and lands on Rose.

Frog-splash by Uso and he and Naomi get the win over Goldust and Rose.

Rusev and Lana come out.

They say Uso and Naomi are not the best married couple, as they are.

My Thoughts

I enjoyed the match, I thought the start where Uso and Goldust where messing about where good in particular, and I enjoyed it.

The women did most of the competing which was enjoyable.

The end part with Rusev and Lana was also great


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