WWE Mixed Match Challenge – Round One – Rusev & Lana v Elias & Bayley – Predictions

The next matches in the Mixed Match Challenge, sees Husband and Wife duo Rusev and Lana take on Bayley and Elias.

Jack’s Predictions

Who Wins?

I think that Bayley and Elias will win this, thought I wouldn’t be surprised if Rusev and Lana do, as Smackdown are due more winners.

Match Predictions?

I think that this match will be one mainly contested by Rusev and Elias, as we still do not know how ring ready Lana is.

I also think that Lana may be the one to be pinned in this match, as there is no real momentum behind her character at the minute.

Cannot see the crowd loving the match, however they will get behind the Rusev Day chants, per usual.

Josh’s Predictions

Who Wins?

Elias and Bayley v Rusev and Lana. Well… I think this can go both ways to be honest and for two different reasons, but with the momentum for Elias, I’ll give it to them

Match Prediction?

Bayley and Elias should probably win this one based upon current form and who is on top at the moment and who should really be getting pushed.

The fan reaction at the moment for Rusev is something that WWE cannot really ignore for much longer, and it should be pushed in the MMC first, but it’s something that I cannot see them doing, as we know they aren’t exactly the best at pushing fan favourites at the moment.

I love what they’re doing with Elias, and he’s one of my favourite heels on the roster at the moment.

Bayley could be doing more given her talent, but they don’t have much on for her at the moment.

Question – Who do you think will win this match?



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