RAW Analysis – 12.02.18 – The first entrant in the Elimination Chamber revealed, Banks v Bayley & Who is the final Chamber entrant?

I will not lie to you guys, like last week I will probably be leaving halfway through the show and then watching the YouTube highlights in the morning before I head to University.

It has already been announced that John Cena will open the show.

Cena opens the show, as expected.

Chants of: “John Cena sucks,” as Cena comes out.

Cena says he has to win the Elimination Chamber match.

Cena says he will win the match.

The Miz interrupts him.

Accompanied by the Miztourage.

Miz says this is his year, not Cena’s.

Miz says he will be the first to hold the Universal and Intercontinental Title at the same time.

Cena wants to face Miz tonight.

Loser of the match enters the Elimination Chamber match first.

Dallas and Axel attack Cena.

Miz now accepts the challenge.

Kurt Angle comes out.

Angle eliminates Dallas and Axel from ringside.

Match will get underway.

Miz beats down Cena.

Miz throws Cena into the barricade.

Cena in control now.

Kick to the head by Miz, Cena escapes at two.

Tornado DDT off the top rope by Cena, Miz escapes at two.

Miz has Cena in a submission in the middle of the ring.

Figure four by Miz.

Cena turns it into the STFU.

Miz escapes.

DDT by Miz, Cena escapes at two.

Cena hits the AA, Miz escapes at two.

Miz locks in figure four again.

Cena locks in a crossface, Miz gets to rope.

Skull crushing finale by Miz, Cena escapes at two.

Cena hits the AA off the ropes and gets the win.

Matt Hardy backstage promo and he says he will win the match tonight and enter the Elimination Chamber.

The crowd get behind Hardy’s delete chants.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson now heading to the ring.

The Revival attack the Good Brothers from behind.

The match gets underway anyway.

Gallows beats down Dawson in the corner.

Dawson attacks Gallows’ injured knee.

Revival now attacking Gallows’ injured leg.

Superkick by Gallows as Dawson jumped off the top rope.

Spinebuster by Anderson, Wilder escapes at two.

Shatter Machine on Anderson and the Revival pick up the win.

Angle announces Ronda Rousey will sign her contract at the Elimination Chamber.

Angle is angry because the crowd are happy Jordan is injured.

Seth Rollins interrupts Angle.

Rollins does not want to be in a tag-team anymore.

Rollins wants Lesnar and the Universal Championship.

Rollins wants to be added Into the fatal four way match tonight.

Thanks to the crowd Angle adds Rollins to the match tonight.

Bray Wyatt now responding to what Hardy said to him earlier.

Wyatt says he has the world in his hands.

Sasha Banks now heading to the ring.

Bayley is her opponent.

Dropkick by Bayley.

Banks beats Bayley down in the corner.

Double knees by Banks to Bayley, kickout at two.

Banks throws Bayley out of the ring.

Banks dropkicks Bayley as she tried to get back into the ring.

Banks on top early on.

Double knees in the corner by Banks.

Clothesline out of the corner by Bayley.

Bayley beats Banks down in the corner now.

Kick to the head by Bayley.

Bayley misses an elbow drop.

Banks locks in the bank statement, Bayley gets to the ropes.

Bayley throws Banks into the turnbuckle.

Bayley hits her finisher off the top rope and gets the win.

Nia Jax attacks both post match.

Samoan drop on both Bayley and Banks.

Absolution make their way to the ring.

Mickie James next out.

Followed by Alexa Bliss.

Grapple game early on.

Kick to Deville’s head by James.

Double knees to the stomach by Bliss.

Another kick to the head by James.

Neckbreaker by James on Rose.

Rose hits her finisher on James and they get the win.

Now Absolution beat up James.

Bliss saves James.

Elias now in the ring.

Seems the crowd wants to walk with Elias tonight.

Braun Strowman in introduced.

Strowman is singing his own song.

Crowd chanting: “Get these hands.”

The two fight.

Strowman slams Elias.

Strowman hits Elias with a Cello.

Some people on WWE’s Twitter saying it’s a Bass, I’m not sure.

The Bar now heading to the ring.

Roman Reigns comes out next.

He faces Sheamus.

Grapple game early on.

Reigns in control of Sheamus.

Reigns throws Sheamus into the barricade.

And again.

Rolling senton by Sheamus on Reigns outside of the ring.

Grapple in the middle of the ring, Sheamus in control.

Reigns goes shoulder first into the barricade.

Irish curse backbreaker by Sheamus.

Samoan drop by Reigns.

White noise by Sheamus, Reigns escapes at two.

Superman punch by Reigns, Sheamus escapes at two.

Powerbomb by Reigns, Sheamus escapes at two.

Knee to the head by Sheamus, Reigns escapes at two.

Sheamus through into the steel ring post.

Reigns hits Sheamus with a botched spear as he came off the top rope and gets the win.

Bray Wyatt heads to the ring first.

Followed by Matt Hardy.

Followed by Apollo Crews.

Then Seth Rollins.

Finally Finn Balor.

Moonsault off the apron to the floor by Crews, where Wyatt is standing.

Crews gets a kick to the head from Balor.

Rollins superkicks Hardy.

Slingblade by Balor on Rollins.

Wyatt runs into Rollins.

Wyatt clotheslines Hardy.

Running senton by Wyatt, Crews escapes at two.

Hardy is clapping Wyatt.

Side effect by Hardy to Wyatt and Balor.

Rollins jumps out the ring multiple times towards all superstars.

Clothesline by Wyatt sends Rollins flying.

Slingblade by Balor to Wyatt.

Twist of Fate by Hrayd to Wyatt.

Coupe de grace by Balor to Hardy.

Rollins hits his finisher on Balor, Crews breaks up the pin.

Moonsault by Crews, Rollins escapes at two.

Another moonsault by Crews, another two count on Rollins.

Sister Abigaile on Hardy outside the ring.

Balor and Rollins throw Wyatt and Crews off the top rope.

Balor and Rollins both get three counts.

RAW goes off the air before the dispute is settled….




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