Smackdown Live Analysis – 13.02.18 – Two more men added to WWE Championship match, Charlotte Wins & New Day attempt to break a World Record?!?!

Dolph Ziggler opens the show.

He faces Baron Corbin.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens have beaten Corbin up backstage.

Now they head to the ring.

Now they beat up Ziggler.

Corbin comes out and attacks Zayn and Owens.

Zayn and Owens leave both hurt on the floor.

Riott squad now on their way out.

Sarah Logan is competing.

She faces Charlotte.

Becky Lynch also comes out.

As does Naomi.

Grapple game early on.

Charlotte throws Logan across the ring.

Succession of chops by Charlotte.

Suplex by Logan.

Dropkick by Logan.

Clothesline by Logan.

Suplex by Logan.

Natural selection gets Flair the win.

Kevin Owens now heads to the ring.

He faces Baron Corbin.

Owens beats Corbin down early on.

Corbin now gains the upper hand.

Cannonball in the corner by Owens.

Clothesline by Corbin.

And another.

Deep six by Corbin but he cannot get over to cover Owens.

And again but this time Corbin pins Owens and gets the win.

Bobby Roode US Title Open Challenge up next.

Randy Orton answers the challenge.

Jinder Mahal also comes out.

Crowd wants Orton to RKO Mahal.

Orton RKO’s a Singh Brother.

Mahal delivers his finisher to Roode and Orton.

New Day out next.

Big E is attempting to break a pancake record.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin interrupt them.

New Day are not happy that Benjamin and Gable are messing about with their pancakes.

Match made between Gable Benjamin, Kingston and Big E.

Spinning heel kick by Gable to Kingston, who escapes at two.

German suplexs by Gable.

Technical difficulties meant we missed the most of the match.

Ziggler v Zayn up next.

Once again having technical difficulties, if we are not able to cover a lot of the match apologies, there id not a lot more that we can do.

Looks like New Day won the last match-up.

Zayn comes out first.

Followed  by Ziggler.

Ziggler tries to attack Zayn in the corner.

Grapple game early on.

Zayn throws Ziggler from the bottom rope to the middle rope.

Ziggler dropkicks Zayn as he jumps off the top rope.

DDT by Ziggler on Zayn.

Famouszer by Ziggler, Zayn escapes at two.

Zayn hits the top rope as Ziggler is stood on top of it.

Exploder by Zayn to Ziggler off the top rope.

Zig zag by Ziggler, Zayn escapes at two.

Zayn throws Ziggler into the steel ring post.

Superkick by Ziggler and he gets the win.


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