WWE 205 Live Analysis – 13.02.18 – Buddy Murphy moves to 205 Live, Mandrews v Tozawa & Gulak v Nese

We start with a review of what happened on last week’s show.

And now a preview of whose competing tonight.

Akira Tozawa opens the show.

Mark Andrews says he will be the next Crusierweight Champion in an interview before the match.

Andrews now heads to the ring.

Grapple game early on.

Drew Maverick overlooking backstage.

Tozawa slaps Andrews.

Tozawa kicks Andrews multiple times in the corner.

Senton by Tozawa, Andrews escapes at two.

Tozawa hits Andrews in the corner.

Andrews fighting back in the middle of the ring.

Springboard by Andrews.

Shining wizard by Tozawa.

Tozawa jumps at Andrews through the middle rope.

Suplez by Andrews.

Springboard by Andrews.

Suplex by Tozawa.

Andrews does a smiliar move to Kalisto’s finisher.

Hurricanrana off the top rope by Andrews.

Andrews rolls up Tozawa and gets the win.

Jack Gallagher now doing a backstage promo.

Maverick interrupts him.

Maverick tells Gallagher to sort himself out.

It’s announced Buddy Murphy will fight Ariya Divari next week.

Gulak backstage preparing for his match.

As is Nese.

Gulak heads to the ring.

And now Nese follows.

Gulak wants to show hands.

Nese kicks Gulak’s hand.

Grapple game early on.

Submission attempt by Nese.

Nese hits Gulak with his elbow.

Gulak suplexs Nese to the floor.

Nese gets back in the ring at the count of nine.

Nese runs into Gulak.

Nese runs into Gulak again.

Dropkick by Gulak to Nese.

Suplex by Gulak.

Another suplex by Gulak.

Nese throws himself over the top rope towards Gulak.

Bodyslam by Nese, Gulak escapes at two.

Nese throws Gulak into the top rope.

And now into another corner.

Gulak throws Nese into the table, twice.

And again.

Clothesline by Gulak.

Powerbomb by Gulak.

And another.

Gulak goes for a sleeper hold and gets the win over Nese.



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