WWE NXT Analysis – 14.02.18 – UK Championship Match, Women’s Championship Match & Aleister Black’s next feud teased!

Pete Dunne opens the show.

Chants of: “Brusierweight,” from the crowd.

Roderick Strong is his opponent.

Strong would be the first American UK Champion should he win.

Grapple game early on.

Dunne twisting Strong’s fingers.

Dunne stands on Strong’s hand on the steel steps.

Strong throws Dunne back first onto the steel steps.

Dunne throws Strong off the top rope.

Strong delivers two kicks to Dunne on the apron.

Strong then drops Dunne onto the apron.

Dropkick by Dunne.

Kick to the head in the corner by Dunne.

Dunne trying to rip Strong’s fingers off his hand.

Powerbomb by Dunne, Strong escapes at two.

Suplex by Dunne.

Dropkick by Strong, as Dunne dropped off the top rope.

Backbreaker by Strong, Dunne escapes at two.

Half and half suplex by Dunne out of the corner.

Strong throws Dunne’s head into the top rope.

Side suplex by Strong off the top rope, Dunne escapes at two.

Bodyslam by Strong, Dunne escapes at two again.

Powerbomb by Strong.

Dunne hits his finisher and gets the win to retain his title.

Aleister Black now heads to the ring.

Killian Dain interrupts him.

Both Dain and Black want the NXT Championship.

Shane Thorne and Mick Miller now head to the ring.

They face local competitors.

Double team clotheslines by TM-61.

Suplex by Thorne.

Dropkick by Thorne.

DDT by Miller.

Spinebuster by Miller.

Double team move by TM-61 gets them the win.

Shayna Baszler now heads to the ring.

Followed by Ember Moon.

War of words before the match.

Moon beats down Baszler on the bell.

Knee to the face by Moon.

Kick to the head by Moon.

Moon jumps through the middle rope and lands on Baszler.

Moon has hurt her left arm though.

Baszler locks in the armbar.

Moon reaches the ropes.

Baszler throws Moon into the corner of the ring.

Baszler pulls Moon’s hand through a barricade.

Kairi Sane attacks Baszler.

Sane spears Baszler, as she looked to sneak attack Sane.



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