WWE Mixed Match Challenge – Round One – Rusev & Lana v Elias & Bayley – Analysis & Thoughts

Match Analysis

Elias and Bayley already sat in the middle of the ring.

Both are playing the guitar.

Rusev interrupts them.

Followed by Lana.

Crowd chanting for Rusev Day.

Bayley dominates Lana early on.

Kick to the head  by Lana.

Bodyslam by Bayley.

Lana threatens Bayley with a guitar.

Grapple game between Rusev and Elias.

Knee to the head by Elias.

Kick to the head by Rusev.

And again.

Rusev suplexs Elias.

Lana faceslams Bayley.

Double knees to the back of Bayley by Lana.

Bayley beatsdown Lana.

Suplex by Bayley.

Lana trips Bayley off the top rope and she gets the win.

My Thoughts

Could not believe that all it took for Lana to beat Bayley was for her to hit her head against a turnbuckle.

There were quite a few botches.

The right team probably won, but it should have been Rusev pinning Elias to start his push.


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