WWE Pay-Per-Views to be dual branded after Wrestlemania – Potential end to the brand split?

WWE have announced that all pay-per-views after their biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania, will be dual branded.


This news is bound to create speculation as to whether WWE will scrap the brand split in the near future, or if they think this could create better feuds between the two brands.

The one question that I keep asking myself is: “Is this the start of the end of the brand split?”

The latest attempt at a brand split was roughly around two years ago this Wrestlemania season.

With some superstars already being traded from one brand to the other last year and the likes of John Cena, who was on Smackdown Live, now seen as a free agent, it makes the brand split seem pointless as it means superstars can switch brands whenever so they can go on any brand whenever they want to.

Is seems that there will be another brand split after Wrestlemania, though nothing has been officially confirmed as of yet.

Another reason why they may have done this, could be because they feel having both brands on pay-per-views will get viewers more interested in watching them and not having to see the same repetitive matches all of the time.

If you remember correctly, roughly two years ago, Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair had a feud that lasted for what seemed like six months, as it seems Vince McMahon did not know who he preferred as champion.

It also seems like WWE are reverting back to only having one pay-per-view event per month from now onwards.

Question – What do you make of this news?



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