WWE Smackdown Live Analysis – 20.02.18 – Three title matches made for Fastlane, Zayn helps Owens & Corbin v Styles

Renee Young opens the show.

She introduces AJ Styles.

Crowd chanting his name.

Styles going through how he could lose his belt.

Baron Corbin interrupts Styles.

Corbin says Styles is looking at the new WWE Champion.

Kevin Owens interrupts now.

Owens says he doesn’t need Sami Zayn.

Shane McMahon interrupts Owens.

Crowd chanting his name.

McMahon makes Corbin v Styles for the main event.

Owens will face Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler beats down Owens early on.

Dropkick by Ziggler.

And again.

And now one whilst Owens is on the apron.

Owens throws Ziggler into the side of the ring.

Ziggler suplexs Owens.

Cannonball by Owens to Ziggler in the corner, kickout at two.

DDT by Ziggler.

Owens goes shoulder first into the steel ringpost.

Elbow drop off the top rope by Owens.

Famouszer by Ziggler, Owens escapes at two.

Zig zag by Ziggler, Owens escapes at two.

Sami Zayn comes out.

Owens superkicks Ziggler during the distraction to get the win.

Zayn walks off clapping.

Jinder Mahal now in the ring.

He is interrupted by Bobby Roode.

Roode says Mahal cannot beat him in a fair fight.

Roode says he is not scared of Mahal.

Randy Orton interrupts them.

Orton and Roode work together to get rid of Mahal.

Orton goes for an RKO, Roode reverses it into a glorious DDT.

Mahal comes back and attacks Roode.

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon arguing again backstage.

Charlotte heads to the ring.

Becky Lynch joins her.

And now Naomi.

And now the Riott Squad.

Leg drop by Lynch.

Naomi and Lynch dropkick Riott and Logan.

Then Charlotte takes out Morgan.

Naomi throws Morgan into the turnbuckle.

Moonsault off the top rope by Naomi.

Naomi jumps over the top rope onto Logan and Riott.

Morgan throws Naomi into the steel steps.

Botched Naomi move but somehow Logan ends up on the ground.

Neckbreaker by Charlotte to Logan.

Back to back bexploders by Lynch to Riott.

Lynch locks in the disarmer, Morgan breaks it up.

Riott takes advantage of the distractions to get the win for her team.

New Day v Benjamin and Gable up next.

New Day up first.

Followed by Benjamin and Gable.

Woods clotheslines Gable.

Spinebuster by Benjamin to Woods.

Knee to the head by Benjamin.

Missile dropkick by Woods to Benjamin.

Belly to belly by Big E on Gable.

And again.

Gable now delivers one to Big E.

Gable and Benjamin hit their finisher, but a distraction by Kingston means that there is no pinfall.

Woods pins Benjamin to win the match.

The Bludgeon Brothers now come out.

It appears they will compete next.

They face, you guessed it, local competitors.

Double dropkick by Harper and Rowan.

Now a succession of powerslams to them on the floor.

Double powerbomb.

Double team finisher and Harper and Rowan get the win.

Styles makes his way to the ring.

Followed by Corbin.

Ziggler watching on backstage.

Corbin dominant early on.

Flying forearm by Styles.

Backbreaker by Corbin outside of the ring.

Corbin clotheslines Styles.

Corbin goes straight into the steel ringpost.

Knee to the head by Styles.

Corbin throws Styles over the commentary table.

Phenomenal Forearm by Styles, kickout at two by Corbin.

Powerslam by Corbin, Styles escapes at two.

Corbin hits deep six, but Styles escapes at two.

Phenomenal forearm for the second time, this time Styles gets the three count to win the match.

Styles is attacked by Zayn and Owens.

Corbin beats up Zayn and Owens.




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