2018 WWE Elimination Chamber – Matt Hardy v Bray Wyatt – Predictions & Thoughts

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt have had an ongoing feud on RAW for months now, even having a match on the RAW 25 show, which was won by Wyatt in a pretty quick match-up.

Many thought that once Hardy was given the rights to his broken character that he would excel and go higher up the card, but that doesn’t appear to be the cause, up to now as least anyway.

It seems that over the past few years WWE aren’t sure what to do with Wyatt, whether to push him or keep him as a mid-card competitor.

Just one year ago, in this exact pay-per-view, Wyatt won the Elimination Chamber match to become the WWE Champion whilst he was on Smackdown Live.

With Wyatt already having a win over Hardy, will WWE give Hardy the win this time to even it out a bit, or will they bury Hardy even more by giving Wyatt the win.

Who Wins?

I have to go for Hardy on this.

As a big fan of his broken character in Impact Wrestling, I believe that if he is given creative freedom with the character it would be something great, however it remains to be seen whether he will get given it, so he can push the character on to the next level.

A loss for Wyatt wouldn’t damage his character massively, but it would not be ideal and that would mean he would most likely have to win his next feud, whoever that may be against.

Question – Who do you think will win this match?



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