2018 WWE Elimination Chamber – First ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match – RAW Women’s Championship Match – Predictions & Thoughts

On Sunday night, we will see the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match, as the women make history once again.

Alexa Bliss had been saying in recent weeks how it was unfair that the Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, did not have defend his title, but she did.

This thought was shared by many of the fans, who agreed with Bliss’ statement on RAW a few weeks ago.

Many rumours are saying that Bliss will retain the title, which will mean she goes into Wrestlemania as a champion for the second year in a row.

Many fans are not happy as she hasn’t defended the title in months, but that is the fault of the WWE creative team, rather than Bliss.

The winner will face either Nia Jax, Asuka or both at Wrestlemania.

Who Wins?

For me Bliss should retain, as for me she is the best wrestler in that group of women.

Bayley and Banks will probably have a moment in the match where one of them turns on the other one, which will potentially set up a match for Wrestlemania in just over a months time.

Mickie James will probably help Bliss through the match, only for the heel to turn on her right at the end to eliminate her and win the match.

Deville and Rose may also turn on each other, but as of yet it is hard to see what WWE would do with those two if that were too happen, as neither have really done much on RAW yet. It would also make people wonder what would happen with Paige.



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