WWE Mixed Match Challenge – Round One – Charlotte & Bobby Roode v Nia Jax & Apollo Crews – Analysis & Thoughts

Match Analysis 

Charlotte heads to the ring.

Followed by Bobby Roode.

Nia Jax heads to the ring next.

Followed by Apollo Crews and Titus worldwide.

Jax not happy with Titus worldwide being there.

Roode doing the Flair walk.

Charlotte now doing it too.

Roode does his glorious chant.

Chops by Roode in the corner.

Dropkick by Crews.

Crowd wants Charlotte.

Jax on top after Brooke held Charlotte’s foot.

Charlotte dropkicks Jax out the ring.

Charlotte does the glorious chant in the middle of the ring.

Back to back corner clotheslines by Jax.

Jax pushes Charlotte off the apron again, as Brooke distracts her.

Dropkick by Charlotte to Jax.

Chop block by Charlotte.

And another one.

Figure four by Charlotte.

Two headbutts by Jax breaks the hold.

Dropkick by Crews, Roode escapes at two.

Spinebuster by Roode, Jax breaks up the pin at two.

Kick to the head by Crews.

Moonsault off the top rope by Charlotte.

Glorious DDT by Roode and his team get the win.

Charlotte does the woo.

Followed by Roode.

Roode still hasn’t perfected it.

Jax now has the mic.

Jax says O’Neil is not a coach.

Brooke is not a statistician.

Says those two are nothing but a couple of zeros.

Jax pushes O’Neil over Crews.

Brooke gets a samoan drop.

My Thoughts

Decent match, seems weird they have Titus worldwide ringside, yet they didn’t distract Roode once.

Was pretty obvious who was winning the match, as Crews isn’t up to much at the moment and the other three are.

Jax and Charlotte had a pretty even match-up, so neither looked weak.

Question – What did you make of the match?



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