2018 WWE Elimination Chamber – Asuka v Nia Jax – If Nia wins she joins the Women’s title match at Wrestlemania – Analysis

Nia Jax heads to the ring first.

Followed by Asuka.

Jax headbutts Asuka.

Jax tosses Asuka across the ring.

Jax using her power so far.

Knee to the back by Jax.

Clothesline in the corner by Jax.

Elbow drop by Jax.

Suplex by Jax, as Asuka looked to make her submit.

Samoan drop by Jax.

Shining wizard by Asuka, Jax kicks out at two.

Asuka runs into Jax and goes flying.

Jax goes shoulder first into the steel ring post.

Asuka locks in the armbar.

Jax picks her up and throws her into the corner.

Jax says she is going to Wrestlemania.

As she does that, Asuka rolls her up and gets the win, to remain undefeated.

Jax attacks Asuka from behind.

Nia spears Asuka through the barricade.

Asuka helped out the arena by the referees.



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