2018 WWE Elimination Chamber – First ever seven man Chamber Match – Winner faces Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania – Analysis

Elias is sat in the middle of the ring.

Elias getting a good response from the crowd.

Crowd starts to distract him.

He tells them to shut their mouths.

Braun Strowman interrupts him.

Elias gets locked in his pod before Strowman can reach him.

Strowman locked in a pod now too.

John Cena out next.

Roman Reigns enters next.

He will be the final one in a pod.

The Miz now heads to the ring.

Followed by Seth Rollins.

And now Finn Balor.

Miz wants to ‘too sweet’ Balor.

Balor and Rollins work together to throw Miz out of the ring.

Balor dropkicks Rollins.

Rollins drops Balor on his knee.

Falcon arrow by Rollins, Miz escapes at two.

John Cena enters next.

Cena and Rollins facing off in the middle of the ring.

Double five knuckle shuffle by Cena on Miz and Rollins.

Slingblade by Balor on Miz.

Neckbreaker by Miz on Rollins.

Rollins suplexs Miz off the top rope, as Cena does the same to Balor.

Roman Reigns enters next.

Miz DDT’s Rollins, kickout at two.

Miz kicks all other four opponents repeatedly in the chest.

Succession of clotheslines by Reigns to Miz.

Ten clotheslines in the corner by Reigns to Balor.

Samoan drop by Reigns to Cena.

Braun Strowman enters next.

Strowman beats down everyone, Miz runs off from him.

Strowman suplexs Rollins and Cena.

Strowman chases Miz around the ring.

Both climb the cage.

Strowman throws Miz off the top of the pod onto the other competitors.

Strowman waits for Elias to come out.

Strowman slams Miz and eliminates him.

Elias now enters the match.

Elias locks himself back in the pod.

All the other competitors beat down Strowman.

Shield bomb by all other members, Strowman kicks out.

AA by Cena to Strowman, who kicks out.

Spear on Strowman, who kicks out again.

Rollins stomps Strowman.

Coupe de grace to Strowman.

Cena AA’s Reigns.

Elias now comes out.

Elbow drop by Elias to Rollins, who escapes at two.

Elias powerbombs Reigns, who kicks out at two,

Powerslam by Strowman and he eliminates Elias.

Strowman slams Cena and eliminates him.

Coupe de grace by Balor to Strowman, kick out at two.

Coupe de grace by Balor to Reigns.

Slam by Strowman to Balor and he is eliminated.

Rollins and Reigns now teaming on Strowman.

Rollins throws Reigns into the cage.

Rollins throws Reigns into the corner.

Superman punch by Reigns out of the corner.

Samoan drop by Reigns to Strowman.

Frog splash off the top of the pod by Rollins, Strowman escapes at two.

Slam by Strowman eliminates Rollins.

Strowman goes crashing through the pod, as Reigns sidesteps him.

Superman punch by Reigns.

And again.

And again.

And a spear.

And again and this time Reigns wins and is going to Wrestlemania.



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