2018 WWE Elimination Chamber – First ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match – RAW Women’s Championship Match – Analysis

Alexa Bliss heads to the ring first.

Followed by Sasha Banks.

And now Mickie James.

Now Absolution come out.

Mandy Rose goes into the pod.

Sonya Deville to start the match.

Now Bayley comes out.

That means Deville and Bayley to start.

Grapple game early on.

Running bulldog by Bayley on Deville.

Bayley pushes Deville into the chamber.

Side suplex by Bayley, Deville escapes at two.

Elbow drop by Bayley off the top rope as Deville was lay outside of the ring.

Mandy Rose enters next.

Deville spears Bayley.

Rose and Deville throw Bayley into the chamber three times.

As you would expect, Deville and Rose beating Bayley down.

Sasha Banks enters next.

Banks beats down Rose.

Banks goes for double knees on Deville, botches it hits the chest.

Double knees to Rose in the middle of the ring.

Deville beats Banks down in the corner.

Bayley and Banks throws Deville into the chamber multiple times.

Facebuster by Rose to Banks.

Rose taps out to the Bank Statement.

Mickie James enters next.

Quick succession of covers between Banks and James.

Deville throws James into the chamber.

Now it’s vice versa.

James superkicks Banks.

James and Bayley fighting climbing the chamber.

Bayley is knocked off by James.

James jumps off the top of the pod and eliminates Deville.

Bayley to Bayley eliminates James.

Alexa Bliss now enters.

Bliss climbs to the top of the pod.

The other two corner her at the top of the pod.

Now all three climb down.

Bliss climbs up again.

Banks pushes Bayley off the pod.

Bayley pushes Banks into the turnbuckle.

Bliss beats Bayley down.

Bayley suplexs Bliss.

Banks now beats Bayley down in the corner.

Bliss suplexs Bayley off the top rope.

Frog splash by Banks to Bayley, who kicks out at two.

Bayley delivers a Bayley to Bayley off the top rope.

Bliss rolls up Bayley and eliminates her.

Bliss covers Banks, kicks out at two.

Banks beating Bliss up on the chamber.

Banks gets her right leg stuck in the chamber.

Bliss drops Banks on her knee.

Twisted Bliss off the top of the pod by Bliss.

Banks reverses to Banks Statement.

They roll into the ring.

Bliss escapes.

Bliss pushes Banks into the pod.

DDT by Bliss off the top rope and she gets the win to retain her title!

Crowd chants: “You deserve it!”

Bliss thanks the fans.

Bliss went from a face promo to a heel one, real fast.



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