2018 WWE Elimination Chamber – Matt Hardy v Bray Wyatt -Analysis

Matt Hardy heads to the ring first.

Bray Wyatt is now in the ring.

Hardy has disappeared.

Wyatt is looking for Hardy.

As Wyatt gets up from looking under the ring, Hardy attacks him.

Hardy is clapping Wyatt.

DDT on Wyatt by Hardy.

Wyatt tosses himself at Hardy.

Wyatt DDT’s Hardy, kickout at two.

Wyatt faceplants Hardy onto the apron.

Wyatt clotheslines Hardy outside of the ring.

Tornado DDT off the ropes by Hardy.

Side effect by Hardy, Wyatt escapes at two.

Rolling senton by Wyatt, Hardy escapes at two.

Twist of fate by Hardy and he gets the win over Wyatt.



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