WWE RAW Analysis – 26.02.18 – Ronda Rousey’s official debut, The Miz has two matches & Bayley and Sasha fail to team together again

Just a disclaimer, I was not able to stay up last night to watch RAW, so this is just a brief overview of what happened going off the order that the clips are in on the WWE YouTube page.

RAW started with Alexa Bliss coming out, she talked about herself and then Asuka came out when her name was mentioned.

Nia Jax then came out, attacked Bliss and Mickie James, before the numbers games caught up with her.

Bayley and Sasha Banks then came out, yet those two were also laid out by Jax, Bliss and James.

This led to a match, notably when Banks wanted to tag Bayley, she jumped off the apron yet she helped Asuka when she was in trouble.

Asuka, Bayley and Banks got the win in that match.

John Cena then came out and addressed why he had been a failure.

He teased an Undertaker match at Wrestlemania, but then said it won’t happen and he will be on Smackdown Live tomorrow night, in order to get a Wrestlemania match.

Bray Wyatt then faced Heath Slater and Rhyno and won.

He later blamed Matt Hardy for him beating up two innocent men.

(Going off course a bit here, but the storyline doesn’t make sense if I don’t)

The Miz says that he is undervalued at WWE and he should be in the main event of Wrestlemania.

Seth Rollins interrupts him and a match is set up, Kurt Angle saying it’s a likely Wrestlemania opponent.

Rollins beats Miz and then Finn Balor is sent out.

The Miztourage attack Balor pre-match, but Gallows and Anderson come out to help him out.

All four are then banned from ringside, and Balor beats Miz.

Roman Reigns then comes out and says Brock Lesnar is not there tonight and slates Lesnar for not caring about anything to do with the WWE.

Reigns got a good response from it and to be fair it was a great promo.

Yet again shows Lesnar is not really bothered about WWE.

Sheamus and Cesaro then faced Apollo Crews and Titus O’Neil in a two our of three falls match.

Sheamus and Cesaro won the match 2-0, getting the first pin with a brogue kick instantly on the bell.

Elias then dedicates a song for Braun Strowman, only to be distracted by him eventually.

Elias attacked Strowman with a fire extinguisher and was disqualified.

Strowman then threatened to throw Elias through the announcers table, only for Elias to run off.

Finally, Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle had to explain themselves to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.

Angle says he was lying last night when he said Triple H and Steph were going to take advantage of Rousey, as she had embarrassed them a couple of Wrestlemanias ago.

At the end of the heated exchange, Triple H punched Angle as he left the ring.




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