WWE 205 Live Analysis – 27.02.18 – Alexander v TJ Perkins & Strong v Kalisto

Cedric Alexander heads to the ring first.

TJ Perkins says he will be the next Crusierweight champion.

Crowd chanting for TJP.

Grapple game early on.

Alexander powerbombs TJP.

Grapple game again now.

TJP tries to get Alexander to submit.

Dropkick by Alexander.

Backbreaker by TJP.

TJP now in control.

TJP jumps over the middle rope onto Alexander.

TJP jumps into a running Alexander.

TJP attempting to get Alexander to submit again.

Kick to the head off the rope by Alexander.

Alexander faceplants TJP, who kicks out at two.

Gutbuster by TJP, Alexander kicks out at two.

Alexander jumps over the top rope and lands on TJP.

TJP catches Alexander’s leg in the air and locks in a submission.

Uppercut by Alexander.

TJP locks in the submission again.

Alexander reaches the ropes.

Alexander hits his finisher to get the win.

Drake Maverick says 205 Live is for the best competition.

Kalisto is now heading to the ring.

Followed by Roderick Strong.

Grapple game early on.

Kalisto dropkicks Strong.

Backbreaker by Strong on Kalisto.

Kalisto throws Strong into the barricade.

Strong drops Kalisto onto the table.

Backbreaker by Strong.

Dropkick by Strong.

Strong mocks Kalisto.

Strong got Kalisto locked in a submission hold.

Kalisto sends Strong face first into the matt.

Strong drops Kalisto onto the top rope.

Kalisto kicks Strong in the head.

Kalisto kicks Strong in the head on the top rope.

Both men send each other off the top rope, Strong looks to have hurt his shoulders.

Strong hits his finisher and gets the win over Kalisto.




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