WWE Smackdown Live Analysis – 27.02.18 – Zayn and Owens fallout again? Shinsuke Nakamura builds momentum & a sixth man added to the Fastlane main event?!?!

John Cena opens the show.

Cena wants to be in the WWE Championship match at Fastlane.

Shane McMahon comes out.

McMahon welcomes Cena back.

Chants of: “Lets go Cena, Cena sucks.”

Crowd wants Rusev.

Daniel Bryan interrupts McMahon.

Bryan shakes both of their hands.

Cena has to beat AJ Styles to get into the match.

Sami Zayn faces Baron Corbin next.

Zayn walks to the ring alone.

Kevin Owens is on commentary.

Corbin now heads to the ring.

Shoulder tackle by Corbin takes Zayn down.

Corbin throws Zayn around the ringside area.

Corbin and Zayn brawling outside of the ring.

Corbin runs into the steel ring post.

Corbin chokeslams Zayn.

Clothesline by Corbin, Zayn escapes at two.

Corbin throws Zayn onto the announce table.

Tornado DDT by Zayb, kickout at two.

Dolph Ziggler kicks Owens in the head from behind.

Corbin hits the end of days to get the win.

Ziggler zig zags Corbin.

Naomi v Ruby Riott up next.

Riott squad out first.

Becky lynch out next.

Followed by Charlotte.

And now Naomi.

Naomi slaps Riott.

All six members now squaring off.

Riott has Naomi in a submission as we get back from an ad break.

Both superstars kick each other in the head at the same time.

Naomi dropkicks Riott.

Naomi kicks Riott in the head after jumping off the ropes.

Riott throws Naomi into the top turnbuckle.

Riott hits her finisher and gets the win.

Apparently the New Day are on their way to the ring to renew their rivalry with the Usos.

And New Day are now heading to the ring.

Kofi Kingston says the Usos pushed them to their limits.

New Day confident they will win the belts.

The Usos interrupt them.

Usos talking about how hard they have worked to get to were they are.

Usos say it is their time for Wrestlemania this year.

Big E says they will become five time champs at Fastlane.

The Bludgeon Brothers interrupt them.

They get into the ring with hammers.

All five men exit the ring.

Rusev and Aiden English now in the ring.

Shinsuke Nakamura now comes out.

Nakamura is facing English.

Knee drop by Nakamura.

Rusev attacks Nakamura from behind.

Nakamura throws Nakamura off his shoulders.

Nakamura dropkicks English.

Multiple kicks to the chest by Nakamura.

Nakamura knees English in the chest.

Nakamura hits his finisher and gets the win.

Cena now comes out as Nakamura’s match ends.

Styles now comes out too.

Cena beats Styles down.

Tornado DDT by Cena, Styles escapes at two.

Cena lands the five knuckle shuffle.

Styles drops Cena’s neck on his knee.

TKO by Cena, Styles escapes at two.

Spinning powerbomb by Styles, Cena kicks out at two.

Facebuster by Cena, Styles kicks out at two.

Styles kicks Cena in the head.

Styles delivered the Styles clash during the break.

Cena also hit an AA during the break, both kicked out.

Styles clotheslines Cena.

Cena locks in the STF, Styles escapes.

Phenomenal forearm, Cena escapes at two.

Cena AA’s Styles.

Cena runs into the steel steps.

Cena AA’s Styles through the announce table.

Styles gets back into the ring at the count of nine.

Styles locks in his submission move, Cena reverses into an AA and gets the win.

Owens and Zayn now come out.

Corbin attacks Cena from behind.

And Ziggler joins in too.

Seems Ziggler, Cena and Styles are faces. Owens, Zayn and Corbin heels.

Ziggler attacks Styles.

Cena AA’s Ziggler.

The show ends as it looked like Styles was going to phenomenal forearm Cena.



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