WWE Mixed Match Challenge – Round Two – Finn Balor & Sasha Banks v Asuka & The Miz – Analysis & Thoughts

Match Analysis

Sasha Banks out first.

Followed by Finn Balor.

Asuka out next.

Followed by The Miz.

Miz and Balor start.

Miz gets the mic and starts telling the crowd to be quiet when his hand goes up.

Balor nearly rolls up Miz.

Asuka is worried about her streak.

Crowd wants Asuka.

Miz refuses.

Asuka once again unhappy as Miz nearly loses.

She warns Miz not to lose.

Two arm drags by Balor.

Miz mocks Banks.

Asuka tags herself in.

Banks slaps Asuka.

Asuka slaps Banks.

Asuka tosses herself into Banks.

Kick to the back by Asuka.

Asuka doing the Daniel Bryan kicks.

Missile dropkick by Asuka.

Double knees on the middle rope by Banks.

Suplex by Banks.

Double knees in the corner by Banks.

Now double knees as Asuka is lay on the corner floor.

Banks now mocks Miz.

Banks now tries doing the Bryan kicks.

Knee to the nose by Asuka.

Double stomp by Balor to Miz’s chest.

Balor kicks Miz off the top rope.

Balor kicks Miz in the face outside the ring.

Skull crushing finale by Miz, Banks breaks up the pin.

Slingblade by Balor.

Dropkick by Balor.

Coupe de grace by Balor, Asuka breaks up the pin.

Miz rolls up Balor for the win, after he was distracted by Asuka attacking Banks.

My Thoughts

An ok match, but it now feels that Miz and Asuka are going to win as they do not want to end her streak.

One of the favourite’s are now out, so people will be angry.

Question – What did you make of the match?




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