WWE Fastlane 2018 – AJ Styles v Dolph Ziggler v Sami Zayn v Kevin Owens v Baron Corbin v John Cena – WWE Championship Match – Predictions & Thoughts


Many people will say that this is going to be the match of the weekend, I would agree, if they get enough time to perform.

There are a lot of very talented superstars in this match and also the chance to start some feuds on the run up to Wrestlemania.

Zayn v Owens seems a certainty for a Wrestlemania feud at this point and that would be a great match.

Styles should retain, or else the whole WWE Universe is going to be disappointed if anybody else does, as that is the match that everybody wants to see.


As much as I would love for either Zayn or Owens to win, it has to be Styles to set up the dream match against Nakamura at Wrestlemania.

This could be a great match, with several talented superstars involved in it.

Question – Who do you think will win?




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