2018 WWE Fastlane – AJ Styles v Dolph Ziggler v Kevin Owens v Sami Zayn v Baron Corbin v John Cena – WWE Championship Match – Analysis

Cena heads to the ring first. Followed by Corbin. And now Ziggler. Owens is out next. Sami Zayn out next. And finally AJ Styles.

Cena AA’s all competitors apart from Styles to start the match.

All the competitors now attack Cena.

Styles taking out his opponents one by one.

Styles delivers the Styles clash to Cena.

Corbin goes through a board and takes Ziggler with him out in the WWE Universe.

Cena AA’s Styles through a table.

Owens superkicks Shane McMahon, who is sat at ringside.

As Owens is about to get the win, McMahon pulls the referee out of the ring.

Zayn hits his finisher on Owens, and McMahon pulls him off the pin too.

Cena AA’s Corbin onto the steel steps, pin broke up by Ziggler.

Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Owens to get the win, and retain his title.


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