WWE RAW Analysis – 11.03.18 – Roman Reigns gets suspended, John Cena challenges the Undertaker & Strowman wins a tag-team battle royal alone?!

Kurt Angle opens RAW. Angle says Brock Lesnar has not shown up again, so Roman Reigns comes out. Reigns asking what the repercussions are for Lesnar not showing up for work. Reigns says he feels Vince McMahon is disrespecting him. The camera follows Reigns going backstage to confront McMahon.

McMahon temporarily suspends Reigns.

Absolution are in the ring as we return.  Sonya Deville is facing Sasha Banks. Banks is accompanied by Bayley.

It was a back and forth match, which Banks eventually won after Bayley threw Rose off the ring apron as she tried to distract Banks, Banks locked in the Bank Statement.

Absolution attack Banks post match, with Bayley nowhere to be seen.

Miz TV with special guests Seth Rollins and Finn Balor, up next.

Miz is without the Miztourage tonight.

Rollins is Miz’s first guest for tonight. Followed quickly by Balor.

Miz is trying to get Rollins and Balor to turn on each other.

Balor and Rollins argue after a while, and Miz steps back and laughs as they are about to fight but Balor and Reigns attack him. Rollins then attacks Balor from behind.

The Bar now heading to the ring.

They face the Miztourage.

Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel attack them before the bell.

The Revival now attack the others from behind.

And the Good Brothers join in too.

Titus Worldwide and Slater and Rhyno now join in too.

All the teams teamed up on the Bar, who were forced to retreat.

John Cena is up next.

Crowd are already chanting for the Undertaker.

Cena says he is going to Mania this year as a fan.

Cena challenges the Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania.

Cena calls Undertaker an egomaniac.

Cena says Undertaker should have one more match.

Elias is now sat in the middle of the ring with a neckbrace on.

Braun Strowman is now backstage asking why he does not have a match at Wrestlemania.

Balor v Rollins up next.

A hard hitting back and forth encounter, with both superstars reversing each others key moves. Balor wins after he rolled up Rollins, as Rollins had superplexed Balor off the top rope.

Asuka now heads to the ring.

Alexa Bliss interrupts Asuka, along with Mickie James.

Bliss and James mock Asuka.

Asuka says she wants to face the best champion in WWE.

Bliss and James attack Asuka.

Angle makes Asuka v James during the break.

Asuka kicks the steel ring post, and James exploits it.

Asuka finally locks in the Asuka lock, and gets the win.

Nia Jax is in action next.

She faces an unknown competitor.

Jax wins in roughly 30 seconds.

Bliss and James are talking crap about Jax as she watches them do it whilst in the ring.

Jax runs backstage after hearing what was said.

Bliss and James run off.

Jax destroys the backstage area.

We are now seeing more of the Hardy compound.

Wyatt tells Hardy to run.

Up next is a tag-team battle royal between all the teams who attacked the Bar before, to see who will challenge them at Wrestlemania.

All the teams are in the ring, and Braun Strowman comes out.

Strowman is in the match.

Strowman eliminates Crews. And now Slater. The Revival eliminate Rhyno.

Strowman being attacked on the outside with steel steps.

Dallas eliminates Dawson. Axel eliminates Wilder. Strowman eliminates O’Neil. And now Gallows. And now Axel and Dallas. And finally Gallows.



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