WWE Smackdown Live Analysis – 13.03.18 – AJ Styles cancels Rusev Day, Jinder Mahal defeats former US Champion & Shane McMahon takes an indefinite leave of absence!

The show starts with AJ Styles.

Styles talks about how he is going to Wrestlemania as champion.

Shinsuke Nakamura interrupts Styles.

And now Rusev interrupts them. Accompanied by Aiden English.

Rusev is facing Styles. Crowd are behind Rusev day. English interferes in the match, before Nakamura saves Styles.

Usos now head to the ring. At least Jimmy Uso is. His partner is Big E.

They face the Bludgeon Brothers.

Jimmy and Big E attack the Bludgeon Brothers before the bell. Now weapons are involved before the match even starts.

The Bludgeon Brothers win the match, and beatdown their opponents after the match too.

Charlotte Flair now heads to the ring.

Asuka now heads to the ring too.

Charlotte says she will end Asuka’s streak, and cement her legacy.

Randy Orton now comes out.

Bobby Roode faces Jinder Mahal, next.

Orton says he is taking the US Title to Wrestlemania, and nobody is going to stop him.

Roode interrupts Orton.

Roode says he will invoke his rematch clause at Wrestlemania.

Mahal now comes out too.

After a back and forth match, Mahal gets the win over Roode after a distraction by one of the Singh Brothers.

Orton then RKO’s Mahal after the match.

Naomi now heads to the ring.

She faces Carmella.

Carmella won the match in a short one where she focused mainly on pulling Naomi’s hair.

Shane McMahon heads to the ring, next.

Shane announces that he will be taking an indefinite leave of absence after tonight.

McMahon announces Sami Zayn will face Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania.

Owens interrupts McMahon.

Followed by Zayn.

Zayn and Owens attack McMahon.

Both superstars hit their finishers on McMahon.

Now they are beating up referees.

Owens and Zayn out a steel chair on McMahon’s throat and push him into the steel ringpost.

They take Shane backstage and powerbomb him onto something metal.




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