WWE Mixed Match Challenge – Round Two – Bobby Roode & Charlotte Flair v Lana & Rusev – Analysis & Thoughts

Match Analysis

Charlotte heads to the ring first, and Roode follows her.

Lana heads to the ring next. Followed by Rusev.

Roode and Charlotte woo, whilst Rusev sings: “Lana is the best, Lana number one.”

Lana slaps Roode.

Charlotte and Roode chop Rusev and Lana a few times, before the duo roll out of the ring.

Charlotte throws Lana around the ring.

Lana then starts to gain dominance, after kicking Charlotte head first into the turnbuckle.

Rusev kicks Roode in the head.

Rusev having a spell of dominance, locking Roode into multiple submission holds.

Charlotte locks in the figure eight on Lana, but Rusev breaks it up.

Charlotte then slaps Rusev.

Lana tags Rusev in, but Roode is nowhere to be seen.

Charlotte then delivers multiple chops to Rusev.

Roode hits the Glorious DDT after a distraction by Charlotte.


An okay match, with the expected winners winning, and I am not going to complain about it.

They tried to book it so both teams were equally as dominant, which kind of worked.



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