WWE RAW Analysis – 19.03.18 – Lesnar beats up Reigns, Strowman needs a partner & the Ultimate Deletion!

Kurt Angle kicks off RAW.

Angle says Roman Reigns is still suspended, and Brock Lesnar will be here later on.

Reigns enters the arena via the crowd.

Reigns says he will not leave the ring until he faces Lesnar tonight.

Security is sent out for Reigns.

Reigns is handcuffed by security.

Reigns attacks them as they try to force Reigns out of the ring.

Lesnar comes out why Reigns is handcuffed.

Lesnar suplexs Reigns, then hits him with a steel chair.

Lesnar continues the assault on Reigns with more suplexs and chair shots.

After a good few minutes of assault, Lesnar finally leaves Reigns alone. That being before he returns and F5’s Reigns.

Reigns is carried out on a stretcher.

Lesnar runs back down to the ring, as Reigns is put onto the stretcher. Lesnar pushes Reigns off the stretcher.

Alexa Bliss heads to the ring now, with Mickie James. She faces Asuka.

Crowd boos Alexa, as she tries to speak. Bliss says her and James were joking around last week. She apologies to Nia Jax. Bliss turns full heel and says she used Nia. Bliss says she can end Asuka’s undefeated streak now Nia isn’t stopping her. Asuka interrupts Bliss.

A match dominated by Bliss, and her throwing Asuka out of the ring for James to attack her outside of it. Bliss is counted out as she walks off with James when Asuka gained momentum. Nia Jax comes out too attack James and Bliss as they walk off. Jax throws James into the side of the ring, and chases Bliss backstage.

Angle makes Jax v Bliss for the RAW Womens Championship at Wrestlemania.

Braun Strowman now heads to the ring.

Strowman says he does not need a partner. He is interrupted by The Bar. They say there is no chance Strowman can beat them alone. Cesaro is now facing Strowman in a match.

Strowman wins the match, which was mainly involving Cesaro dodging Strowman, and Sheamus distractions.

Titus Worldwide and The Revival in a match as we return from the break.

The Revival get the win in a back and forth match. Wilder takes out O’Neil, before they Shatter Machine Apollo.

Bayley and Sasha Banks v Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville up next.

Banks and Bayley have an argument on the mics pre match. Just as it is getting heated Absolution disrupt them.

Absolution get the win over Banks and Bayley, as the two argue and get distracted allowing Deville to kick Bayley for the win.

John Cena up next.

Cena tries to get the crowd excited. Cena calls Undertaker a coward. Cena wants Taker to: “Do something!”

Kane interrupts Cena. Kane chokeslams Cena.

The Miz now heads to the ring. Accompanied by the Miztourage. They are interrupted by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. And Finn Balor too.

Seth Rollins comes out for commentary.

Balor gets the win for his team, after a mix up between the Miztourage. They beat Balor up after the match. Rollins goes to the ring, and saves Balor.

Ronda Rousey up next.

Turns out it is only a video package…

Now it is time for the ultimate deletion.

Wyatt is told to follow the music.

The match is as you would expect. Crazy but great.

Not sure how to summarise this, if I were you I would just watch the highlights.

Hardy wins the match after Brother Nero and Senor Bejamin’s distraction.




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