WWE Smackdown Live Analysis – 20.03.18 – Daniel Bryan cleared for in-ring return, US Championship Match made for Wrestlemania & Carmella cashes in?!

Daniel Bryan opens the show.

The crowd are hyped.

Bryan is thankful for everyone who has supported him, through the good and bad times, now that he is medically cleared.

Special mention in particular for his wife.

Bryan asks when he should compete next, with everyone chanting for Mania.

Bryan confirms that he will compete in a WWE ring again.

Shinsuke Nakamura faces Rusev, next.

AJ Styles is sat at ringside for it.

Nakamura gets the win, after Rusev and Nakamura try quick roll-up pins to beat each other. Rusev and English attack Nakamura post match, but Nakamura fights them off as Styles watches on.

Baron Corbin now heads to the ring. He faces Tye Dillinger.

Corbin gets the win in a short match after he hits the end of days.

Charlotte Flair now heads to the ring.

She faces Natalya.

After a back and forth match, Carmella comes out with her contract. Charlotte takes out Carmella, before Natalya rolls up Charlotte for the win.

Luke Harper v Jimmy Uso, up next.

Uso is accompanied by brother Jey, whilst Harper is accompanied by Erick Rowan.

Luke Harper gets the win, in a match dominated mainly by Rowan trying to distract Jimmy Uso.

Jinder Mahal is now stood in the ring.

Bobby Roode interrupts Mahal.

Randy Orton now interrupts Roode.

Orton tells Mahal he sucks without help.

Orton and Roode eliminate Mahal and his help, but then the two try to attack each other but are well known to what each other are attempting to do.

Becky Lynch and Naomi against the Riott squad up next.

Lynch and Naomi get a win after Lynch locks in her submission on Logan, and Naomi takes out Morgan.

Daniel Bryan to meet Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the ring, next.

Owens and Zayn talk about how happy they are for Bryan.

Bryan fires Owens and Zayn.

Bryan shakes Owens and Zayns hand.

Owens then attacks Bryan.

Bryan fights back against the duo.

Owens and Zayn finally regain the upper hand as the numbers game proves too much.

Crowd very hatred towards Owens and Zayn.



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